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ਮੰਗਲਵਾਰ, 25 ਨਵੰਬਰ, 2014
A Glorious Saga of ‘The Hamdard’PunjabiGallery |

Punjabi Journalism has gone 100 years old in Canada & America as Babu Harnam Singh Kahri & Sh. Gurditta Kumar commenced the publication of a hand-written Punjabi newspaper ‘Swadesh Sewak’ on 10th January, 1910 and S. Kartar Singh Hundal started a newsaper ‘Sansar’ in 1912. Similarly, the Great Martyr Kartar Singh Sarabha started the publication of a newspaper ‘Ghadar’ in Urdu and Punjabi languages in 1913 from San Francisco, USA. Now, Punjabi Journalism has touched the new horizons in 21st Century.

The Punjabi newspaper ‘Hamdard Weekly’ was formally inaugurated by S. Amar singh Bhullar and Karamjit Kaur Bhullar on the pious occasion of Vaisakhi the 13th April, 1991, when only two or three Punjabi newspapers were being published. The previous name of the ‘Hamdard’ was ‘Canada Ajit’ and its name was changed as ‘Hamdard’ on the precious advice of S. Barjinder Singh Hamdard, the Chief Editor of the daily ‘Ajit’, Jalandhar. Earlier the ‘Hamdard’ was sent to the various cities of Canada and America from Toronto every week by Bhullar Communications. Then, fax was the only mode of receiving the news from various sources and there was not any facility of modern Internet etc. available. A company was formed for the management of ‘Hamdard’ viz. 1136811 Ontario Inc. Earlier, the price of the ‘Hamdard’ was 25 cents, then it was hiked to 50 Cents, 75 Cents, One Dollar and 1¼ Dollar within 10 years and the readers of Canada & USA fully cooperated during that course of time.

The Management of ‘Hamdard’ commenced the publication of a monthly magazine ‘Quomantary Pardesi’ from Canada and Chandigarh in Jan. 1997. Owing to the continuous growing demand of the gracious readers, the publication of the ‘Hamdard’ was commenced from San Francisco, California in April 2000, from New York in Septemer 2000, from Vancouver in 2001 and from Chandigarh (India) in May 2003. Today, ‘Hamdard’ has more than 7 Lakhs readers. They regularly read the ‘Hamdard’ every week. In 2007, an E-Paper of the ‘Hamdard’ was launched, which had 5,90,000 readers in 65 countries in the year 2010. Now, the ‘Hamdard’ is being distributed free of cost in the whole North America except Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton (Canada). The ‘Hamdard’ has its reach in every city of USA & Canada where punjabi's are living .

An office of the ‘Hamdard’ was erected upon its own land near Toronto Airport on Airport Road and Steeles Avenue of Brampton (Ontario) in 1995 and in January 2006 it moved to pleasantly splendid building at the main gate of North America’s largest Gurdwara Dixie, Mississauga. Now, all Editions of the ‘Hamdard’ are being prepared only at the Head Office. The ‘Hamdard’ has more than 100 Reporters, 50 full time and part time staff members in the variouis countries. The ‘Hamdard’ publishes the news of the whole world including Punjab & India in addition to the preferred news of the NRIs. It publishes special features upon Health, Sports, Literature & Cultural Activities. The ‘Hamdard’ has its readers in the whole world through the Website: http://www.hamdardweekly.com/. The ‘Hamdard’ was recognised by Peel Regional Police with the ‘Best Ethnic Media Award’ in 2008.

The awakened readers of the ‘Hamdard’ have proud to the fact that its Chief Editor Amar Singh Bhullar is the first Ethnic Punjabi Journalist, who had toured India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia in January 1996 with the Canadian Prime Minister Hon. Jean Chrétien and had travelled India, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Sri Lanka in January 2005 with the then PM Hon. Paul Martin.

Mehtab-Ud-Din, the renowned Journalist has been the Managing Editor of the ‘Hamdard’ since 2007, who leads a team at its Chandigarh office. S. Gurdeep Singh Grewal of Vancouver Edition, has been the Manager for the last 10 years. The whole staff of the ‘Hamdard’ is toiling a lot to give the Newspaper a new & innovative look. At the last but not the least, the ‘Hamdard’ publishes a regular column ‘Pukar’, which has the appeals for the really needy persons. The NRIs have sent a hefty financial assistance till now for the treatment of the needy & sick persons through the column.

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